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De startpagina van de bug tracker vanaf 2018.

De Mojang Bug Tracker (ook bekend als Mojira)is de officiële website-locatie voor spelers om bugs voor Minecraft te melden. Het is voornamelijk community-georganiseerd en gerund.[1] De bug tracker bevindt zich op bugs.mojang.com.


The first screenshot of the bug tracker.

Previously, the Issues page on the Minecraft Wiki was used to maintain issue reports. Many people complained that the process was too complicated.

Due to the high demand for a proper bug tracker instead of using the wiki, Mojang contacted Atlassian, which became their choice due to being flexible and customizable.

An email was sent to Atlassian to gain help on making a proper bug tracker. Atlassian immediately offered to help, providing a free JIRA license. A video was published to showcase their improved JIRA developer’s API for JIRA v5.0.


Although this new Minecraft bug tracker will mostly be community organized and run, it will be the official location to report bugs in Minecraft that we’ll be keeping an eye on. [...] We’ll be using this new bug tracker for all future releases of Minecraft. If you’re already familiar with JIRA and want to get right into reporting a bug, go check out the new Minecraft Bug Tracker here!
~ Mojang[2]

On October 24, 2012, the bug tracker was officially released by Erik Broes and Atlassian using their issue tracker, JIRA.

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