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Minecraft’s user environment can be configured through the Options setting.

Options[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

  Selecting Options brings up the main options page:  

Option Description
Music Set the volume for the in-game music. Ranges from OFF to 0%-100%
Sound Set the volume for sound effects and ambience. Ranges from OFF to 0%-100%
Invert Mouse Invert the vertical direction the mouse moves the camera.
Sensitivity Controls how responsive Minecraft is to mouse movement. Ranges from 0% (*yawn*) to 200% (HYPERSPEED!!!)
FOV Controls how much of the game world is visible on the screen. Ranges from 70° (Regular) to 110° (Quake Pro)
Difficulty Set the Difficulty level from the choice of Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. (Note that the difficulty cannot be changed if playing Hardcore Mode)

Video Settings[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

From the main options page you can click down to Video Settings:

Video Setting Description
Graphics Fancy enables higher quality graphic effects, such as transparent leaves, shadows for players/mobs, volumetric clouds, biome-colored side grass, 2-passed water rendering
Fast disables those effects for better performance.
Render Distance See Render distance.
Smooth Lighting Lighting is smoothed across the blocks, or each block has a distinctive light level. This setting does not change the gameplay in any way, but it has a slight effect on performance.
Performance Limits the FPS (Frames Per Second):
Power saver constantly limits to 40 FPS
Balanced limits to 90 FPS when there are any chunk updates
Max FPS limits to 200, in the same conditions as "Balanced".
3D Anaglyph Enables the player to use 3D glasses.
View Bobbing Toggles the "bobbing" motion of the camera as the player is walking.
GUI Scale Controls the GUI (Graphical User Interface) scale. This also controls the HUD (Heads Up Display) size. Using the "Auto" GUI scale has the potential to give the normally un-obtainable "Larger" GUI scale, if playing with a large resolution.
Advanced OpenGL Enables or disables occlusion culling. Enabling it improves performance on computers with a fast GPU, as the game doesn't render what is obstructed. However, the "don't render what isn't in field of view" rule always applies (also known as view frustum culling).
Clouds Controls if the clouds should be drawn.
Brightness Dims down or lights up the game's surfaces.

Controls[bewerken | brontekst bewerken]

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