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All version articles should use the following layout, to allow for consistency between version articles.


At the very top of the article, {{version nav}} should be placed.

After the template should be an introduction with a general description. This description should contain the release date of the update, and a brief description of the update. If it is a development version, it should state which version of it is a development version.

A quote from the version changelog or from the developers may be placed before the introduction text.

Additions and changes[bewerken]

These two sections are combined in the guide due to similarity, in the actual article this is two separate sections called Additions and Changes. General changes in a version should go within the two sections as follows:

  • Additions: Any new features added in the version. This includes features added in development versions.
  • Changes: Any changes to old features from the version. This includes features changed in development versions. Removals should be listed here and not in a separate section, unless there are many.

If the version is a full release or has a lot of features, each section also should have the following subsections:

  • Blocks: Features related to blocks.
  • Items: Features related to items.
  • Mobs: Features related to mobs.
  • Non-mob entities: Features related to non-mob entities, such as armor stands and minecarts.
  • World generation: Features related to world generation.
  • Gameplay: Features relating to gameplay mechanics, such as achievements, status effects, game modes, and visual changes.
  • Command format: Features related to block/entity tags or commands.
  • General: General features, such as options, splashes, and graphics changes.

If the features have not appeared in a development version yet, the feature should be contained in the separate but similar section Planned additions or Planned changes.

Unconfirmed features[bewerken]

Unless the information is well sourced, this section is not recommended to be added. This section is only for versions under development, and only contains features:

  • no longer confirmed as planned or upcoming for that (or any particular) version,
  • and evidenced, since the version started development, by:
    • a screenshot showing that a developer has worked on the feature,
    • or a developer's statement indicating they do plan to add the feature – not merely a statement responding to another person's idea.

It should start with the text: These features are not confirmed for <version>, but they were mentioned or showcased by developers during <version> development. Main article: Mentioned features

Each feature should consist of:

  • A name or short description of the feature,
  • No details, beyond what it takes to identify the feature (these belong on Mentioned features),
    • The purpose of this section is just for readers to identify the features that are unconfirmed, and to communicate why that is so – not to get into the feature's details.
  • A brief explanation, with supporting references, of when the feature was mentioned and why it is not confirmed.


Bugs fixed in this version using {{fixes}}. Bugs should also be organised into sections using the following headers:

  • From released versions before <parent version> (;old)
  • From the <parent version> development versions (;dev)
  • From the previous development version (;prev)
  • From the current version, hotfixed (;hotfix)

Note that {{fixes}} supports shortcuts for common headers.

The titles from the bug tracker issues may be freely edited to comply with the style guide. While users are encouraged to fix the titles as they find them, fixing the titles is not required; specifically when first adding the issues. Editors may make major changes to the title (such as rewording the whole title), though this is discouraged unless the original title fails to adequately describe the issue (eg, change "I found a bug" to "The player cannot jump when up against a block").


The video section of version pages should go below the fixes section, but above any other sections, such as trivia, gallery, and references. In most cases, video sections should only contain the following text:

== Video ==

Video made by slicedlime:

{{:[PAGENAME]/Update Video}}

In order for this to work, there needs to be a /Update Video subpage, which should embed the video slicedlime made of the update in question, using {{yt}}.


Should contain {{reflist}} usually, but if more columns are desired due to many references, add a number: {{reflist|2}}, {{reflist|3}}, and so on.


After references, place a double space, then add any applicable navigation templates, like {{Javaeditie}}, and then any applicable categories.

The last thing on every version page will be the interwiki language links.